DLP Music: LilyPond

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Welcome to my collection of arrangements and original music scored by LilyPond.

Each page in this collection displays a complete score in PNG graphics format. Links are also provided for the LilyPond source files and their PDF-formatted output. A Type 1 standard MIDI file is provided where possible. Audio recordings are on-line for some pieces.

You are free to use this material for any purpose as long as I am given proper credit as the composer/arranger. Money would be nice too, but I have no illusions regarding the likelihood of financial gain from my music.

Music For Guitar


The first entry in this collection was written for accomplished mid-level classical guitarists. This Sonatina is dedicated to the memory of Alexandre Tansman.


From what I could find through a quick search on Google, umeko means either "plum blossom" or "patience" in Japanese. I knew a beautiful woman named Umeko when I lived in Los Angeles in the 1980s, I wrote this piece for her some time in the early 1990s. Its performance requirements are relatively advanced.

Five Simple Pieces

A set of brief studies, each designed to introduce some fairly common contemporary notation practice and/or composition technique.

Melody In C

An original, an easy duet for two guitars.

Silent Night

A simple arrangement of the well-known song.

Allegretto for Guitar Duet

A rather free arrangement of a study by the 19th-century guitarist Mauro Giuliani. It should be easy and fun for a pair of mid-level players.

Music For Ensemble

Bagatelle for Flute, Bassoon, and Guitar

A tonal piece for an under-exploited ensemble. Parts available on request.

Trio #2 for Flute, Bassoon, and Guitar

An atonal piece for the same under-exploited ensemble. Parts available on request.