Hardware + Linux

If you are looking for pro-audio interfaces that will work with Linux your choices are limited to certain cards from RME, M-Audio, and AudioScience. Common desktop sound & MIDI needs are well-served by the Audigy and SBLive! soundcards from Creative Labs. USB audio and MIDI interfaces known to work under Linux include devices from M-Audio, Edirol/Roland, and Tascam. Linux-compatible PCMCIA digital audio interfaces are available from CoreSound (also for some PDAs) and Digigram. If you need a serial port MIDI interface the MIDIator enjoys Linux support. Supported Firewire audio devices are listed at the sites for the FFADO and FreeBoB projects. Please consult the ALSA Supported Soundcards page for current information regarding ALSA drivers for specific devices. See also the free OSS/Linux package from 4Front Technologies, it may support devices not currently supported by ALSA. Readers are also well-advised to search the archives of the Linux Audio Users mail-list for reports and evaluations from the field.