Musings April 2009

Still on hiatus here, but I have done some updating and housecleaning. The logos page has been purged of non-functioning entries, I've added one or two new images, and few new items have been added to the pages. However, as I'm not yet actively upgrading the site a more up-to-date database of Linux sound and music software can be found at You can also find hidden treasures tucked away in the LAA archive, where LAA = the Linux Audio Announce mail list.

I continue to cover the Linux sound & music software scene in my column for I post new articles twice per month, and links to my previously published work for LJ can be found on the DP Track pages.

NB: I do intend to revamp this site. At this time I'm considering the removal of the least active pages and the consolidation of the remaining material into a combined apps list and mini-tutorial on using Linux for audio production. Alas, my current schedule forbids any prediction when, but I hope to get some of the changes made before the end of Summer 2009.