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Software Synthesis & Music Composition | Soundfile Editors | Music Notation | MIDI Software | Multitrack HD Recorders/Mixers

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Other Sound Stuff | Sound Cards & Drivers | Effects Processors | Software Tools | Repositories

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Music Made With Linux

New Additions


Please note that the condition of the software listed ranges from alpha-stage models to fully developed commercial packages. Some of it may not compile and/or run on your system without some determined hacking.

Musings June/July 2006

No Musings again, sorry.

New Additions for June/July 2006

Software Sound Synthesis & Music Composition Packages

Soundfile Editors & Utilities

Music Notation Editors

Hardware + Linux

If you are looking for pro-audio interfaces that will work with Linux applications your choices are limited to certain cards from RME, M-Audio, and AudioScience. Common desktop sound & MIDI needs are well-served by the Audigy and SBLive! soundcards from Creative Labs. USB audio and MIDI interfaces known to work under Linux include devices from M-Audio, Edirol/Roland, and Tascam. Linux-compatible PCMCIA digital audio interfaces are available from CoreSound (also for some PDAs) and Digigram. If you need a serial port MIDI interface the MIDIator enjoys Linux support. Please consult the ALSA Supported Soundcards page for current information regarding drivers for specific devices. Readers are also well-advised to search the archives of the Linux Audio Users mail-list for reports and evaluations from the field.

Looping Software

MIDI Software

Multitrack Recording and Mixing Systems

See also the Soundfile Editors section. Some modern editors include multitrack recording capabilities.

Speech Synthesis & Analysis Software

Signal Analysis/Processing Software

Scopes & Realtime Visualizers

File Conversion Utilities

Some Csound and Cmix Helpers

See also Rosegarden for an excellent notation-based audio/MIDI sequencer with export-to-Csound capability.

Free Sounds

All Things JACK...

Audio Plugin Systems For Linux

Music Made With Linux

Be sure to check out Hans Fugal's LAM, the wonderful Linux Audio Music site. If you'd like to hear what can be done with Linux sound and music software, the LAM site delivers the audible goods. Podcast and M3U streams are available. Tune in today.

Other Neat Sound Stuff

Players & Recorders | CD Software | Demos | Digital DJ | Drumming | File Compression | Game Things

Guitar Software | Java Things | Mixers | MOD Trackers/Players | MPEG Players/Encoders | Musicians Utilities

Network Audio | OggVorbis | Radio | Telephony/Conferencing

Other UNIX Audio & MIDI Software

See also 4Front and Software Synthesis

Linux Audio Bundles, Distributions, and Music Collections

Sound Cards & Drivers

Effects Processors

Tools To Make Tools...

Note: See also the MIDI Software section for MIDI-related programming tools.


Other Documentation And Newsworthy Items

Wikis, Fora, Blogs, et cetera

Mail Lists, Newsgroups, Wikis, Blogs, Consortia, etc.

Other Linux Sound & MIDI Pages

And Now For Something Rather Different...

I have also read that Encore will open under WINE, but I have been unable to confirm that report. Please note that WINE is very much in development and cannot yet be considered a stable environment. Nevertheless, all of these emulators open Linux to even more useful software, and I recommend them highly to any Linux users desiring the best of all possible sound & music worlds.

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