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a midi event triggered real time synth for Linux


24.12.2006   New version 1.9.5 of RTSynth for both ALSA and jack is available for download.

18.10.2003   New improved and cleaned-up version 1.9.2 is available for download.

21.12.2002   2nd jackified version of RTSynth is available.

7.12.2002   Demo song for version 1.9.0 available.

17.11.2002   The blue edition reached another milestone on its way to version 2 -> version 1.9.0.

3.11.2002   New release version 1.8.0 (code name "blue") is available for download. 14.10.2002   New audio demo Little Wing available. 12.10.2002   Bugfix release 1.7.1 is available for download. Please read the Changelog for more.

25.09.2002   Version 1.7.0-jack0.34.0, first version with jack interface. Note: the archive contains an executable and the jack client source code but no documentation or examples.

07.06.2002   Version 1.7.0 with experimental drum synthesizer kit... more in Changelog.

11.05.2002   Bugfix version 1.6.11

21.04.2002   RTSynth reached 1.6.10 17.04.2002   RTSynth is at version 1.6.9 15.04.2002   RTSynth found a new home. A very big thank you to Dave and Matt!!

04.04.2002   RTSynth version 1.6.8 is available. Please get your copy from the public archive server ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/apps/sound/midi or it´s mirrors.

20.03.2002   RTSynth version 1.6.6 with support for ALSA v0.5! (An ALSA v0.9 version will be available soon) 30.12.2000   No new version, sorry i didn´t found time to do some work on the program. Anyway there are some news: 12.06.2000   Version 1.6.5b: Bug fix version

07.06.2000   Version 1.6.5: Added the public domain version of "Freeverb" written by Jezar at Dreampoint - http://www.dreampoint.co.uk

02.05.2000   Version 1.6.4 is out! Added possibility to save/load/insert/clear RTSynth's machine state and a bit more... see ChangeLog for more info.

24.04.2000   Version 1.6.3 has been released. This version is for glibc-2.1 based systems. See the ChangeLog for what's new.

10.03.2000   A version for Red Hat 6.1 based systems is now available.

04.02.2000   The RTSynth home page is up again :)

13.07.1999   Version 1.6.2b

- this is just a bug fix version. Small bug in EFX universal filter fixed.

05.06.1999   Version 1.6.2

- added support to run several synth/effect-modules, a new mainpanel and some minor bug fixes mainly for linux 2.2.5 based systems.

The latest Readme and Changelog.

Screen shoots

     main panelstring panelflute paneleffect panel .

A small sound example guitar.mp3 (1066965 bytes). It was produced with RTSynth directly coupled to the Jazz++ midi sequencer on my slowly Cyrix-166 machine and re-recorded from an ugly tape deck ;)
Here is another heavy.mp3 (887232 bytes) one using distortion and resonance filters. The drums and other voices are from an Alesis S4 synth. This time the Cubase midi sequencer on my good old Atari ST was used.

Download area (binaries for linux-x86)


         manual.pdf  (2356468 bytes)

Latest versions:

       rtsynth-1.9.5-alsa+jack  (2431995 bytes), (9fd325a3dc39535078299104c162887a *rtsynth-1.9.5-alsa+jack.tgz).

       rtsynth-1.9.2  (1435703 bytes), (497246b368d472fc4dd9617fd49b0c7d *rtsynth-1.9.2.tgz).

       rtsynth-1.9.1b-jack0.44.0  (824399 bytes), (ab43f08df2f393c293ffac57b65d6c21 *rtsynth-1.9.1b-jack0.44.0.tgz).

       rtsynth-1.9.0  (2952477 bytes, documentation is included), (7cb39334452539c62fb985201229cd3f *rtsynth-1.9.0.tgz).

       rtsynth-1.8.0  (1062313 bytes), (9910397e8c162953792a6b0435bd6496 *rtsynth-1.8.0.tgz).

       rtsynth-1.7.1  (1003283 bytes).

       rtsynth-1.7.0-jack0.34.0  (711690 bytes).

       rtsynth-1.7.0-ALSAv0.9  (914734 bytes).

       rtsynth-1.6.11-ALSAv0.9  (828319 bytes).

       rtsynth-1.6.10-ALSAv0.9  (828897 bytes).

       rtsynth-1.6.9-ALSAv0.9  (827553 bytes).

Last version for OSS:

       rtsynth-1.6.5b  (758088 bytes).

Last version for libc5 based systems:


You can contact me via web mail at stefan@virtualtourist.com.

Last update: Oct 18 2003, Stefan Nitschke